3x2 fror white rubber cable


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Multipole cables NPI FROR - 450/750 V
for mobile laying, not fire-retardant and with low emission of halogens (corrosive gases), PVC insulated in PVC sheath, with flexible copper red conductor.IMQ-CPT-007, CEI 20-20 / 1, CEI 20-20 /2,
CEI 20-22 II, CEI EN 50267-2-1,
CEI EN 50265-2-1, CEI 20-52
Conductor: red copper, flexible formation, class 5 NPI FROR - 450/750 V

Insulation: PVC, TI2 quality
Sheath: PVC, TM2 quality
White color.
NPI® = No fire propagation
Functional characteristics
Nominal voltage Uo / U: 450/750 V
Maximum working temperature: 70 ° C
Maximum short circuit temperature: 160 ° C
Particular characteristics
Good resistance to mechanical stress and chemical agents.
Good flexibility and behavior at low temperatures.
Laying conditions
Minimum installation temperature: 0 ° C
Minimum bending radius recommended: 10 times the diameter of the cable for mobile laying, 4 times for fixed laying.
Maximum recommended tensile stress: 1.5 kg per mm² of copper section for mobile laying, 5 kg per mm² for fixed laying.
Use and type of installation
Installation for mobile and fixed installation in places with fire hazards such as fairs, residential buildings, industry and crafts.
- They can be installed indoors, in normal or humid environments and temporarily outdoors. - 100mt skein - White color - Section 2x1 sq. Mm

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