BICANAL TRANSMITTER DOUBLE CODE 30.900MHZ CAME dual channel remote control 001TOP3022M CAME Automation


34,98 € tax incl.

Digital transmitter transmitter with remote control
The 30.900 MHz quartz transmitters are all equipped with digital coding. This technology allows the management of the radio code transmitted through the same radio transmitter keys, for the benefit of safety and simplicity of use. There is also a dual encoding model for small multipurpose uses such as residential condominiums .

The double encoding
The double encoding model is designed to meet the needs of small multi-use residential use. In fact, every pair of keys can be coded with a differentiated code, always through the digital encoding function.
The photo is indicative

- 001TOP3022 CAME
- Dimensions: 58x113x23 mm
- Capacity: 50-150 mt
- Battery Ministre 12V
- Material: ABS

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