Duplication of universal remote controls for the frequency of 29.875mhz


21,72 € tax incl.

Remote control transmitter radio remote control electronic gate with frequency 29.875mhz.
automatisms for gates.
cardin automations
how to clone Cardin gate remote control.
Universal remote control gate opener Cardi 29.875 mhz S46.
where to buy remote control gate if not by us as industry experts for over 50 years.
duplicator remotes gates adaptable to Cardin S46.

This model of radio control for original Cardin gates is possible with our A29875 operating on the electric gate.
remote control for cardin gate.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification on the purchase of a remote control our team will direct you to the right choice.
Accessory for electric gate automation
Use of Garage Entry house alarm ignition and car alarm lock
electronic cardin specialized dealers selling online.
Very simply in programming gate remote with the original
controls for electronic cardin automatic gates.

- Transmitter with independent self-learning function.
- Remote control for opening two independent gates
- Two-channel radio remote control
- Quartz frequency 29.750 Mhz
- 12V type A23 battery included
- Shock-resistant ABS material in BLACK color
- 2-button control

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