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Inspectionable T joint IP40 RK D32 90 ° TR32 Electrochannels
Recessed magnetic metal contact cmr10otimq ip65

Bic 30.875 transmitter radio control for BFT gate automation

Remote control transmitter for BFT quartz 30,875mhz electric gates

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Remote control, radio control, BFT gate opener transmitter.

radio control for gates 2 independent channels

two-channel quartz remote control with free oscillator suitable for gates
automatic, with the possibility of two channels ..
the remote control is small with a steel key ring.

shockproof and black abs material.

entrance or garage alarm,
car ignition and lock
arming / disarming the house alarm
- power supply with 12v battery, type a23
- quartz 30.875 mhz
- Brand BFT

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