Conductor multipole electric cable grip 3x1mmq rubber cord


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Electric multipole cable Corded NPI FROR
- 450/750 V
For mobile laying not propagating the fire and
Reduced halogen emission (corrosive gases), insulated under PVC sheath
PVC, with red copper flexible conductor. IMQ-CPT-007, CEI 20-20 / 1, CEI
20-20 / 2,
CEI 20-22 II, CEI EN 50267-2-1,
CEI EN 50265-2-1, CEI 20-52
Conductor: Red Copper, Flexible Training Class 5 NPI FROR - 450/750 V
Insulation: PVC, TI2 quality
Sheath: PVC, TM2 quality
NPI® = Not propagating the fire
Functional characteristics
Rated voltage Uo / U: 450/750 V
Maximum operating temperature: 70 ° C
Maximum short circuit: 160 ° C
Particular characteristics
Good resistance to mechanical stress and chemical agents.
Good flexibility and low temperature behavior.
Minimum setting temperature: 0 ° C
Minimum bending radius recommended: 10 times the cable diameter for laying
Mobile, 4 times for fixed installation.
Maximum recommended tensile stress: 1.5 kg per mm² of copper section per
Mobile laying, 5 kg per mm² for fixed installation
Use and type of laying
Installation for mobile and fixed installation in places with fire hazard such as
Fairs, residential construction, industry and crafts.

They can be installed inside, in normal or humid environments and
Temporarily outside.

- Also sold by metro
- 100mt on the mat
- Color: Grey
- Section 3x1 mmq

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