LINEAR HALOGEN LAMP 1000W 191mm R7S 815047

Linear light bulb 1000w Halogen instant lighting Warm light


3,73 € tax incl.

Linear Halogen Light Bulb 1000W 190mm.
Halogen lamps compared to traditional incandescent lamps have innumerable advantages:
Compact size - High luminous efficiency - Whiter light with bright tones - Longer life.
The life of halogen lamps is strongly influenced by the voltage on the lamp base. The values ??of the duration are an average detected in laboratory experiments with a regulated voltage at 50Hz of network frequency.
During overvoltage operation the duration can be considerably reduced (for example by 50% with approximately 6% overvoltage).

Features :
- Linear Halogen
- Voltage 220/240
- 1000w consumption
- R7s attack
- Transparent glass
- Size 190mm
- Lumen 18000
- Dimmable

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