LAMP HOSE HALOGEN BALL 42 - 55W 833003 E27 230V G42H

Standard halogen bulb ball 42w sale lighting


1,06 € 1,06 € tax incl.

New light bulb classic light halogen light bulb.
The new classic light bulb provides high quality light is adjustable and lights up instantly.
Life expectancy is twice that of a traditional light bulb.

Light bulbs are ideal for indirect lighting in closed lighting fixtures and in situations where brightness and gloss are more important than glare reduction.

- Product Code G60
- Power 55w
- 42w consumption
- E27 Edison Attack
- Voltage 220/230
- Standard drop shape lamapda
- Energy class C
- Light bulb finish
- Average life of 2000 hours
- Measures 55 x 92 mm
- Lumen 630
Hot light shade K2900

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