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Keyboard for axis axel anti-theft alarm systems

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Great convenience for the axel flo keyboard by entering the code in a snap
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Keyboard for innovative floator alarm, with a slim compact design, pleasant and modern, not very invasive but very recognizable, designed to make it adaptable to any environment, thanks to the italian design school of axel that you notice at first glance.
with the particularity to have the pleasant backlighting system and lcd display with a white background and black characters ensure considerable legibility and ergonomics of use.
four front leds have been inserted that immediately give an immediate perception of the state of the anti-theft system, control areas and controls even before reading the details in the display.
an in-depth study of the axel keyboard product has been made, combining the elegant compactness with the installation installation requirement in a classic 503 horizontal box, for which the direct fixing holes are provided, so as to make an elegant keyboard.
another important thing that is compatible with all the control units currently in production, allows with a clever mix with the other keyboards, to meet the aesthetic needs of different environments within the same building.
display keyboard with timed backlighting, for complete management and programming of the g-820, atlantis and sparkle series control panels.
· 2-line backlit display with 16 characters.
· rs 485 serial connection, up to 600 m away from the control panel.
· dimensions: 124 x 124 x 25 mm.

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