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Lamp luminaria 14v 5w clear 19x47 christmas drop

The 14V 5W luminaria lamp is an essential component for your Christmas decoration. With a drop-shaped design, this lamp casts a warm, welcoming light that creates a festive atmosphere. Its compact size of 19x47 makes it easy to place anywhere you want to add a touch of Christmas magic.
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The 14V 5W clear 19x47 Christmas drop light is a lighting product designed to enrich your decoration during the Christmas period. This lamp, with its drop-shaped design, emits a warm and inviting light, perfect for creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere in any room.

The lamp works with a voltage of 14V and a power of 5W, providing sufficient lighting to best accentuate the Christmas atmosphere. Thanks to its compact size of 19x47, you can easily place it on Christmas trees, wreaths, wreaths or anywhere else you want.

The clear glass of the lamp allows for an even diffusion of light, avoiding annoying reflections or hot spots. The warm tone of the color adds a touch of magic to your Christmas arrangements, creating an intimate and festive atmosphere.

This luminaria lamp is made of high-quality materials that ensure a long life and reliable strength. You can count on it to light up your Christmas environment safely and efficiently.

Whether you're decorating your home, office or any other space during the festive season, the 14V 5W Clear 19x47 Christmas Droplet Luminaria Lamp will be a precious addition to set the perfect mood and make your Christmas celebration magical.

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