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Recessed wall light in paintable plaster 2 x E14

Lighting recessed spotlight for paintable plasterboard 2xe14
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Spotlight in plaster for plasterboard that can be combined with any color because the product is paintable.
we are distributors of recessed plaster spotlights of different sizes and models for false ceilings. equipment adaptable to any environment for indoor use.
our company has selected these high quality lighting products but at the same time we have focused on the price ratio. thus offering a guarantee on the product.
on the market there are several brands of plaster spotlights but we stand out for the availability in stock and for the quality of the material that has been inserted into the product.
in these spotlights for internal lighting it is possible to insert LED spot lamps with light shades of 2700/4200 / 6500k, thus having the desired light color.
therefore do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the entire range of recessed plaster spotlights products. we can give you a lot of information on the models we manage, the type of lamp to insert the light projection optics and many tips for a good purchase.
for quantity we can select a different price from the one shown ..

technical features

- type of recessed spotlight
- spotlight color in original white plaster
- also paintable product
- width 250mm
- height 315mm
- depth 95mm
- flap opening 120 mm
- 2xe14 lamp holder attack
- hole dimensions 320x260x90mm

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