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My Home Server 1 Bticino module for smart home domotic system

MyHome Server 1 Bticino module for smart home domotic system
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The bticino my home server 1 is a product for home automation systems that allows the association of devices and the correct functioning of the myhomeup bticino App. With the commissioning of the system and the local but also remote management of the functions by the user through the specific myhomeup application for android and ios smartphones or tablets.

Although the market is constantly evolving, the countless solutions for the home automation system with the myhome server 1 make the software simple and easy to use by the end user thanks to the app that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet.

In all these years in the electrical material wholesale sector we have witnessed many innovations up to the one present and launched on the market by Bticino with the my home server1. In addition to the technical characteristics of the product itself, which may be of interest to a category ranging from the installer of electrical equipment to the electrician himself, we prefer to offer you a report of the solutions that this small but great Bticino myhome server1 potentially benefits from.
Today, with the frenetic pace of our lives, we tend to have many responsibilities, little time available and 360° home management.
With the Bticino Myhomeserver1 the quality of our life will be perceived and savored differently thanks to the preset gestures on our smartphone or tablet.

This is not an invitation to stay comfortable in an armchair but to reprogram the style associated with living in the places we love oriented towards domestic technology. Let's take a few examples right away.
Like Luca who every day, returning from work, found the house always cold. Thanks to myhomeserver 1, Bticino activates the heating throughout the house 30 minutes before leaving work. Thus the house becomes a warm and welcoming place.
Or like most of us who, every time we leave the house, never remember if the shutters of the house are closed or raised. With the bticino myhome server 1 you will no longer have this problem, because just one click is enough to activate the UP/DOWN function and close the rolling shutters without stress.
These examples are some possible applications, but the demotic device allows you to easily associate commands and electric actuators by controlling and personalizing the functions of the smart system.

Myhomeup simplifies the concept of home automation. A single app is capable of associating devices, controlling and customizing the functions of the home automation system in your villa or home. it does not require any physical or virtual configuration. The installer's task will simply have to be to associate the electronic devices, while the management of the scenarios is up to the customer who can organize and modify everything according to his needs.

Scenario creation is another very useful interface that exploits the full potential by associating a specific command to a single part of the house. The functions are:
- Automatic executions based on the specific day and time
- Certain conditions applied following a specific system event, such as temperature change, excessive consumption, light, weather conditions, etc.
- Geolocated scenarios that will be activated according to the customer's approximate position with respect to their system
Using the myhomeup bticino app, the myhome server 1 informs the customer, according to pre-set settings, by sending push or email notifications of the successful execution of a scenario.

You can control connected objects such as digital audio systems, color-changing lighting systems and smart TVs in complete peace of mind.
Whether you're at home or on vacation, you have total remote mobility and home control without any difference, the app connects automatically to the home system and checks everything in real time via wifi connection.
The myhomeserver 1 is the right product for you who intend to revolutionize your living room, transforming the traditional house into a smart home.

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