LED Lamp Drop Low Consumption Illuminazioe E27 opale 20w K4000

Drop lamp E27 LED 20w Edison 2452lm natural light White SHOT K4000


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Standard Led Drop light bulb same shape as the traditional incandescent lamp.
Thanks to the experience of our company we have invested years in high quality products and thanks to these selected products LED bulbs are a range of lighting for all needs.

The LED bulb is characterized by high performance in relation to the small size high energy efficiency class a * and a very long life span longer than any lamp with traditional technology. The LED light bulb is the ideal solution for lighting shops homes streets garages car parks condominiums warehouses offices etc.

Our advice is to replace the old light sources with this high quality LED technology and energy saving with ecological sustainability.

LED lighting makes offices unique hotels and shops embellishes outdoor spaces and the ideal solution for energy savings.

The LED solutions offer products suitable for any environment and can be used to highlight a product create an atmosphere or attract interest.
Thanks to the duration and high energy efficiency energy cost reductions are significant.

Where it is necessary to turn on the lights 24 hours a day the ideal solution is the LED lamps that we propose do not need maintenance and reduce costs.

LED lamps have now become the main lighting product and are considered the winning solution among those that today are on the market.
The LED is the heart of the light bulb and what we offer you are not the same as others.

choosing a good electronic chip means the emitted quality of the luminous flux the color and the lumens.
Finally Warranty LED lamp product quality innovative technology durability and lighting features are the winning elements of our light bulbs so we decided to offer an exclusive advantage to our customer.

Technical features
- Edison E27 attack
- Natural White Light K4000 Kelvin
- LED technology
- Standard Drop shape
- Lumen brightness 2452 Lm
- Power Supply 220-240V 50Hz
- Consumption 20W - 150w
- Energy Class A
- 240 ° luminous flux
- Average life 15000 hours
- Instant Activation
- Dimensions 143 x 67 mm
- Opal light bulb

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