LED G9 LAMP 3.5W 220V K3000 CERAMIC 3.5w warm light

G9 LED bulb with ceramic insertion and 330 lumen plastic


6,87 € tax incl.

LED low consumption lamp G9 Warm Light K3000.

Buying this product led G9 you can choose different shades of light Warm and cold.

Using the G9 LED bulbs you will save different money on your electric bill. This happens because the LED technology better manages the energy it consumes compared to the old halogen system that heated and consumption was notable ..

Of usual LED G9 bulbs are used on lampshades lamps sconces chandeliers etc. you can choose a product that solves the probable consumption of electricity.

It is perfect for replacing the classic 35W G9 halogen lamp. This lamp has a capsule-like shape and must be powered directly at 220-240 Volt. Switching to LED has many advantages.
LED lamps also do not emit IR and UV rays which are harmful and do not produce heat!

High Brightness 330 Lumens
Rated power 3.5w
Supply voltage 220 ∞ 240Vac - 50 Hz
Total luminous flux 330 Lumen nominal
Nominal color temperature K3000
Warm light tones
Lamp start time up to 95% of? full instant light (<1 sec)
Diffusion angle FA 300 °
Nominal life of the lamp 30000h.
Type LED lamp.
Quick Access.
Product for internal use only.
Dimensions 16x48mm.
Ceramic and plastic body.
Type of Attack G9
Not dimmable
Equivalent to the traditional 30w bulbs.
LED LAMP G9 3.5W Ceramic PC FA300 ° 3000K 220Vac LM330 RA> 80 16 * 48mm.

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