Civil Goods series box MyLife white 12progresses free of charge

Discount on electric products MyStart box Elettrocanali white finish


202,12 € tax incl.

Our company F.lli Del Piano sas presents you an offer series ELECTR START MY START BOX of the Elettrocanali which is aimed at retailers and installers.
The promotion has been developed on products of very high rotation and reduced in terms of quantity and value to be within everyone's reach.

The package looks aesthetically with modern colors and the strength of the box that allows safe transport.
The F.lli Del Piano Group company as distributor of the Elettrocanali brand wanted to focus on this KIT My Start Box series Civili knowing the quality of the components and the products entirely Made in Italy.
The Civile electric products series presents the three gray white tec finishing composition where it is possible to combine electrical equipment in any environment.
It is possible to buy the MyLife electrochannel kit of the Gray and White finish at only € 165.00 instead with the technical finishing € 235.00 VAT. always having in the Homage the 12 bivalent sockets ..

Today we can say that F.lli Del Piano group is a reality of electrical material distribution both on our territory and on-line sales.
We have chosen to introduce the Elettrocanali Leader brand in the electrical products construction sector and for its complete catalog of products for industrial installation and for the civil series.
But mainly we are always favorable for our Italian factories.

The electrical material products enclosed in the Kit are:
· ECL 4000WH Single-pole Switch 12pc
· ECL 4021WH Single-pole button
· ECL 4045WH Bivalent socket 10 / 16A T
· ECL 4050WH socket unel Bivalente 10/16 / 2P T
· ECL 4080WH fake button
· ECL 4603F support 3 modules with screws



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