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Three-pole terminal block 125a 15holes 8 modules
Ups-1500va sinusoidal modulated ups 220-240v 12v

Zanca bracket wall-mounted cm.23 30x4 0504 cbd

The Galvanized Wall Bracket Zanca cm.23 30x4 0504 a051300 cbd is an essential element for installing structures and anchors on solid walls. This bracket is made of high quality galvanized metal, which offers effective protection against corrosion and increases the durability of the product. The bracket has a dimension of 23cm in length, with a profile of 30x4cm, which offers optimal strength to support significant weights and loads.

The 0504 a051300 cbd code uniquely identifies this particular bracket variant, allowing for easy product identification and ordering. Thanks to its versatile design, the Galvanized Wall Bracket Zanca can be used in a variety of applications, such as fastening beams, trellises, corbels or any other structure that requires a solid connection to walls.

Its resistance and sturdiness guarantee a safe and reliable seal, allowing for greater stability and structural safety. The bracket is designed for easy installation, with pre-drilled holes for precise positioning and easy mounting. Its galvanized finish also gives it a clean, professional look.

In summary, the galvanized wall bracket Zanca cm.23 30x4 0504 a051300 cbd is a reliable, high-quality product, ideal for securely fastening structural elements to walls. Whether you are a construction professional or a DIY enthusiast, this bracket is an excellent choice for ensuring the strength and stability of your structures.

- anchor to wall in electrolytically galvanized steel. suitable for pole from ø 25 to ø 50 mm.
- - cap screws m6x40 mm
- length 23cm

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