Vintage LED lamp E27 amber glass consumption 4W BOMB

Lighting bulb led classic light vintage consumption 4w e27 attack


5,49 € tax incl.

VINTAGE LED filament lamp with excellent performance with a traditional conical shape and Amber transparent glass.
LED filament lamps have been optimized to ensure maximum reliability and the particularity has been studied for stability in operation.
With the driver guarantees a stable and lasting light.
The pleasant shape, the enveloping light
and pleasant, makes these lamps suitable for
any use, sconces, chandeliers, create a warm atmosphere a little retro ..
Quick immediate switch-on

The LED lighting lamas have now become the main product and is considered the winning solution among those that are present on the market today
Finally Warranty LED lamp, product quality, innovative technology, durability and lighting features are the winning elements of our light bulbs, so we decided to offer an exclusive advantage to our customer.

Technical features

- 230V voltage
- 4W consumption 30W light
- Edison E27 attack
- Lumen 300 Lm
- Amber shape
- Energy Class A
- 360 ° opening angle
- K2000 Color Warm Light
- Lamp dimensions 11 x 4.5 mm
- Amber light
- Instant Activation

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