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White opal diffuser silver tube profile with caps included 200x6cm
Smoke diffuser black profile with caps and brackets included 200x4,9x125cm

White opal diffuser profile with caps and brackets included 200x4,9x25cm

The 2 meter double emission white aluminum profile is an elegant and versatile solution for domestic and commercial lighting. With a minimalist and modern design, this profile offers a uniform and diffused light in both directions, creating a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. It is equipped with caps and brackets included, which simplify the installation and allow the profile to be positioned in a safe and stable way. Add a touch of style and functionality to your space with this double emission white aluminum profile.

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The 2 meter double emission white aluminum profile is a high quality lighting solution, ideal for a wide range of applications. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, this profile offers exceptional durability and a sturdy construction. Its clean and bright white color easily adapts to any style of furniture, giving a touch of elegance to your environment.

The main feature of this profile is the double light emission, which allows to obtain a uniform distribution of light both upwards and downwards. This creates a balanced and immersive lighting effect, ideal for illuminating walls, ceilings or decorative surfaces. The diffused light in both directions helps to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, both in residential and commercial environments.

The aluminum profile is supplied complete with caps and brackets, which facilitate installation and guarantee optimal stability. The caps, designed to fit snugly over the profile ends, provide a sleek, professional finish. The brackets allow the profile to be securely and robustly attached to the desired surfaces, ensuring lasting stability.

This profile is compatible with different types of LED strips, offering multiple options for choosing color temperature and light intensity. It is also possible to customize the profile with diffusers or additional covers to obtain specific lighting effects or a softer light.

In summary, the 2-metre double emission white aluminum profile is a versatile, elegant and functional lighting solution. With its dual light output, included caps and brackets, and customization options, this profile offers superior quality lighting to enrich and enhance your space. Whether you want to create a relaxing atmosphere at home or a cozy ambiance in a business premises, this aluminum profile will be an ideal choice.

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