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Base profile for dissipation strip silver color 2m
PIR motion sensor board for strip Input DC12V-24Voutput DC12V-24V 60/120W 5A max

Hand motion detector board for single color strip dc5v 24v output 12v 120w 24v 240w

The Single Color Strip Hand Motion Detector Board is a versatile device designed to control the lighting of single color LED strips. With a wide range of inputs and outputs, this board offers precise and intuitive control of the brightness and on/off of the LED strips. It is the ideal accessory for creating dynamic and interactive effects in LED lighting applications.

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The hand motion detector board for single color strip is an essential component for controlling single color LED strips. This device is designed to operate on a wide range of input voltages, including DC12V and DC24V voltages, making it compatible with various power sources. The output of the board corresponds to the same input voltages (DC12V-24V), with a maximum power of 60/120W and a maximum current of 5A.

This allows you to easily connect the LED strips to the hand motion detector without the need for additional adapters or complex power circuitry. The board also offers an intuitive hand motion control interface, allowing the user to adjust the brightness of the LED strips by simply moving their hand over the detector.

The hand motion detector card for single color strip is equipped with advanced control functions, such as automatic on/off based on motion detection, making it extremely convenient to use in environments where the presence of a person determines the need to turn the lights on or off. This feature can be particularly useful in corridors, stairways or other spaces where light is only required when someone is present.

With its power and reliability, this board offers countless creative possibilities for LED lighting projects. It is ideal for indoor lighting, shops, fairs, exhibitions and many other applications. Whether you want to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere or a breathtaking scenic effect, the hand motion detector board for single color strips will be your reliable ally in controlling single color LED strips.

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