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Hand motion detector board for single color strip dc5v 24v output 12v 120w 24v 240w
Touch button board for single color strip Input DC12V-24V output DC12V-24V 60/120W 5A max

PIR motion sensor board for strip Input DC12V-24Voutput DC12V-24V 60/120W 5A max

The PIR Motion Sensor Strip Board is a compact and versatile device designed to detect movement in the surrounding area and control the on/off of a strip light. With a power input of DC12V-24V and an output of DC12V-24V, it can handle a maximum power of 60/120W and a current of 5A. Using PIR (Passive Infrared) technology, this sensor detects body heat and the emission of infrared radiation, allowing for precise motion detection. It is ideal for applications such as lighting corridors, wardrobes, stairways and other low energy areas.

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The PIR motion sensor board for strip is a reliable and functional option to control the switching on and off of a light strip in an automatic and intelligent way. Thanks to its compact and versatile design, it can be easily integrated into different environments and applications.

The PIR motion sensor board is designed to work with a DC12V-24V power input and provide a corresponding output of DC12V-24V. This board is capable of handling a maximum power of 60/120W and a current of 5A, ensuring reliable and safe power distribution for the connected light strip.

One of the strengths of this card is its ability to detect movement using PIR (Passive Infrared) technology. This technology uses the passive infrared sensor to detect body heat and infrared radiation emitted by a moving object. When motion is detected in the sensor's coverage area, the board activates the output to power the connected light strip, creating effective lighting only when needed.

The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the user. You can set the detection distance, detection angle and delay time before the card turns off the output after the last motion detection. This flexibility allows you to tailor the automatic light experience to your individual preferences and needs.

The PIR motion sensor board for strips is particularly suitable for applications where efficient lighting management with low energy consumption is desired. It is perfect for illuminating hallways, closets, stairways and other areas where constant lighting may be unnecessary or impractical. In addition, the use of this board helps to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the light strip, thus contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution

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