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PIR motion sensor board for strip Input DC12V-24Voutput DC12V-24V 60/120W 5A max
Plaster profile for bi-emission led including aluminum core and pc diffusers 1000x61x41mm

Touch button board for single color strip Input DC12V-24V output DC12V-24V 60/120W 5A max

The touch button board for single color strips is a versatile and practical device that allows you to control and adjust the lighting of single color strips. Equipped with a sensitive touch button, it offers intuitive and easy-to-use control to change the light intensity or turn the lights on and off. It supports DC12V-24V input and DC12V-24V output with a maximum power of 60/120W and a maximum current of 5A. It is an ideal option for custom and decorative lighting projects in domestic or commercial settings.

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The single color strip touch button board is a complete and reliable solution for controlling the lighting of single color strips. This easy-to-use device features a sensitive touch button that allows you to dim the light or turn the lights on and off with simple touches. With a compact and unobtrusive design, the touch button board blends seamlessly into a variety of environments, from home living rooms to commercial areas.

The board supports a wide range of input voltages, including 12V and 24V, allowing it to be used with different power sources. The output is also adjustable between 12V and 24V, providing flexibility in choosing the desired intensity. The maximum output power is 60/120W, allowing you to power LED strips of different lengths and wattages. The maximum current of 5A ensures a stable flow of energy, avoiding overloads or overheating.

The touch button board for single color strip is designed to provide intuitive and convenient control. Thanks to its highly sensitive touch sensor, it is possible to adjust the light intensity precisely and gradually, creating the desired atmosphere for any space. In addition, the touch button allows you to quickly turn the lights on or off without having to use external switches.

This board is ideal for custom lighting projects, such as home interior decorative lighting, shop windows, bars or restaurants. It can also be used for commercial applications, such as conference room, office or hotel lighting, providing simple and convenient control to create the desired mood.

In conclusion, the single color strip touch button board is a reliable and flexible solution for LED lighting control. With its advanced technical characteristics, it offers broad compatibility with different power sources, a maximum power and current adapted to the needs of the LED strips, and an intuitive and comfortable control via the touch button.

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