Electric water heater heating element with curved fast flange

resistance for copper and steel flange water heater


5,71 € tax incl.

Heating elements for copper, steel and incoloy water heaters
A heating element that transforms electricity into heat is defined as resistance. There are different types of resistors which, although having the same purpose, are built with different technologies ...

The resistances are built with copper elements (99.9% pure), stainless steel and with special nickel and chromium alloys
The structure of the selected components ensures excellent technical, electro-mechanical and anti-corrosive qualities
Finally, an exact knowledge of the corrosion phenomena in hard and / or chlorinated water is an essential element for a correct design of the immersed electric resistances
The relative humidity, sometimes high, which characterizes the environments where these elements work, require the use of hermetic sealant systems capable of guaranteeing excellent insulation values over time.

- Voltage 220V 1200W
- Dimensions 300 x 40 mm
- Folded Flange Shape
- The photo is indicative

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