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Infrared detector, anti-theft alarm system bmd501 bentel
Modulo espansione 6 ingressi programmabili m-in/out bentel

Optical smoke detector alarm signaling system

Base for bentel detector 601p smoke alarm system
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Optical smoke detector

the 601 p detector can detect visible smoke produced by slowly burning materials such as upholstery fabrics, plastic foam, etc., or 'smoke' produced by overheated but unburned pvc. these detectors are particularly suitable for general applications and for areas where cables can overheat, such as areas where electrical service is performed.


· en54 approved by lpcb
· low operating voltage: from 10.5 vdc to 33 vdc
· aesthetically discreet
· superior performance and reliability
· designed for quick installation
· integrated alarm led
· connection for remote led
· polarity independent connection

optional to be ordered separately · compatible with standard mounting base article 4b

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