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Outdoor twilight detector IP66 10A Max 2300w 330306

Electric twilight switch with the possibility of turning on automatically when it starts to get dark and turning off when the light comes up in the morning. With this product you don't have to worry about turning on the garden lights every day.
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The twilight switch is an electrical device that has the function of turning on and off the lights in the garden, stairways of buildings, courtyards or car parks.
Through an electronic system the lighting circuit is automatically activated as the light begins to go down and then vice versa in the morning as dawn begins it goes out.
With this product you have light in the dark, thus saving energy.
Easy to install and designed for outdoor use.

Technical information
- IP66 degree of protection
- 230Vac power supply
- Equipped with wall fixing bracket
- Load capacity 10A
- Load up to 2300w lamp load
- Ambient light intensity from 5 to 50 Lux

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