Threaded threaded pocket / CU D.18 100 / ms 02/1022 Grounding

D.18 catch rod for land sink 1.5mt ramata safety plant


8,89 € 8,89 € tax incl.

Scaffolding Grounding electrical safety system.
Pick-up dispenser with double filet for earthing system.

The ground facility is the plan on which safety is built. We can not say that security is only tied to ground because there are other methods of protection against electrical hazards that are equally valid. Good ground associated with the correct use of equipotential bonds is the most used solution to achieve the best safety levels.
In recent years we have witnessed a common effort among regulators and manufacturers of earth-based equipment to ensure a more rational and economically acceptable technical response to the community.
Manufacturers have produced corrosion-resistant materials with logical dimensions in relation to the life of the plant.

- Fully galvanized pre-nickel-plated steel.
- length m.15
- Extendable with screw sleeve (optional)

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