Internal TV Amplified Antenna 36DB VHF HDTV 240V 12V

Internal antenna TV amplified 36db VHF UHF Directable Connection


17,53 € 17,53 € tax incl.

UHF VHF and FM amplified antenna with gain control via a handy knob and control lamp to signal connection receive TV signals directly or can be connected to an external antenna.
A specific indicator indicates the type of connection:
Low noise amplifier.
LTE ready suitable for installations even in the presence of 4G mobile telephony signals.
In UHF channels the internal antenna for its small size offers greater gain and greater directivity than in VHF channels thanks to the increase in frequency that makes the antenna itself "electrically" bigger in UHF than in VHF.

- reception from external antenna: green light
- reception from the AA-12 antenna: red light
VHF band (I-III): Gain 36dB
UHF band (IV-V): 32dB gain
UHF receiver: channels 21 - 69
Impedance: 75 ohms
Rotation: 90 °
Gain control adjustment: 0 - 36 dB
Power supply: 220-2-40V-AC 50 / 60Hz or 12V DC

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