Electric Master Mode Series

Electric Master Mode Series
Electric Master Mode Series

Final antenna tv socket d.9.5mm gray master

The master gray d.9.5mm final feedthrough TV aerial socket is an essential device for receiving television signals. This socket is designed to be installed at the end of the antenna cable and allows you to easily connect your TV or other compatible devices for optimal signal transmission. Its neutral gray design adapts to different types of interiors.
Electric Master Mode Series

Presa antenna satellitare connettore iec

The satellite antenna socket is a female IEC connector, designed to connect the antenna cable to your TV or set-top box. It is compatible with high quality satellite signals, offering a clear and noise-free transmission. This socket is easy to install and ensures a stable connection for a better TV viewing experience.
Electric Master Mode Series

Support 4 seats with screws type 38004

4-seater stand with screws, model 38004 - Optimize space and organize your environment with this practical 4-seater stand. The included screws allow for a quick and secure installation. Ideal for keeping items like remotes, pens, scissors and more organized.
Electric Master Mode Series

Modo ring cont.tli 4p grigio

The Master Modo ring 4p gray is an innovative electronic device designed to provide advanced and intuitive control for your applications. With an elegant and modern design, this ring offers a wide range of features and customization possibilities. It's the perfect companion for creative professionals, tech enthusiasts, and gadget lovers.
Electric Master Mode Series

Modo t.tli 3p gray ring

The Modo Living TLI 3P Master plate adapter containment ring is a versatile device designed to simplify the installation of electric plates in a safe and stable way. This adapter allows you to fasten electrical plates quickly and efficiently, offering a practical and durable solution for mounting electrical components. The Modo Living TLI 3P Master plate...
The master gray RJ11Plug 6/4 way internet telephone jack is an essential device for setting up Internet and telephone connections. With its compact design and understated gray colour, it blends seamlessly into any home or office environment. This jack is designed to provide a reliable and stable connection between the telephone cord and the end device,...
Electric Master Mode Series

Vigor gray 12v mode

The Master Mode Bell Buzzer 12v Gray is an audible signaling device designed to provide an effective audible warning. Running on 12 volts, this FM chime produces a loud, clear sound to attract attention. The gray design of the product adapts to a variety of environments and applications. It is easy to install and can be used in different contexts, such as...
Electric Master Mode Series

Electric bell 230v gray mode series 31351 master

The Modo Grigio 31351 Master series electric bell 230V is a highly efficient device that allows you to receive distinct and clear acoustic signals. Thanks to its 230V power supply, it is suitable for domestic use or in commercial environments. Its sleek gray design blends easily into any setting and features a high-quality bell that produces a crisp,...
Electric Master Mode Series

Ring mode 12v gray

The Master Ringer Mode 12v gray is a versatile electronic device that allows you to manage and control the ringer system in your home or office. This module easily connects to the 12-volt mains and offers a wide range of options for customizing the sounds and melodies of your ringtones. Its elegant design and gray color make it suitable for any environment.
The modo master series gray smooth plug hole cover is a practical and elegant accessory for the bathroom. This hole cover is designed to hide the prong fastener hole on the bathroom floor, providing a smooth, even finish. Its gray design easily adapts to any style of decoration and adds a touch of sophistication to the bathroom.
The Modo 31005 series unipolar 1P 16A electric push button is a high quality gray device used for the control of electric circuits. With a current capacity of 16 amps, this push button offers reliable and safe operation. It is designed to be compatible with residential and commercial electrical systems, offering a simple and intuitive interface for...
Electric Master Mode Series

Electric inverter modo 16a series gray 31004 master

Welcome to Master 31004 gray mode 16A series electric inverter dedicated website. This product is a reliable solution for converting electrical energy, allowing you to invert direct current into alternating current. With its 16 amp rating, the inverter is ideal for use in various domestic and industrial applications. Choose the quality and efficiency of...
The gray Master mode 1p 16AX unipolar switch is an essential component for the control and management of lighting and electrical appliances. Thanks to its single-pole configuration, it allows you to interrupt or divert the flow of current safely and efficiently. With a load capacity of up to 16 amps, this diverter offers reliable and long-lasting...
Electric Master Mode Series

Bipolar electrical switch modo 2p 16ax gray master

Master gray 2P 16AX mode bipolar switch is a high quality device that allows you to control the power supply safely and efficiently. It is designed to handle loads up to 16 Amps and provides a reliable solution for switching domestic or commercial electrical circuits. With its elegant gray design, it fits easily into any environment. This switch is ideal...
The Mode 1P 16A Gray 31000 Master unipolar electrical switch is an essential device for controlling the electrical power supply. This single-pole circuit breaker, with a capacity of 16 Amps, is designed to ensure the safety and protection of electrical circuits. Its gray color gives it an elegant and discreet look, suitable for different environments. The...
Electric Master Mode Series

Mode button tie 1p 16a gray

The Master Mode is a gray 1p 16a pull button switch. This switch has been designed to provide reliable and safe control over electrical current. It features a push-button mechanism that allows you to turn the energy flow on and off in a simple and immediate way. With a capacity of 16 amps, it can handle a significant power load. Ideal for domestic and...
Electric Master Mode Series

Apparecchio multifunzione 16a grigio

The Gray Master Mode Switch 16A is a high quality switch designed to provide reliable and safe control of electrical current. With a capacity of 16 amps, this switch is ideal for use in both domestic and commercial settings. Its elegant design and neutral gray color adapt to any style of decoration. Add function and style to your electrical system with...
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