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ELETTROCANALI Supply Power Supplies

Bell 220v magic 1 module

The 220v magic 1 module ringtone is an elegant and functional device that allows you to receive sound notifications with style. Thanks to its compact and modern design, it fits perfectly into any environment. With just one module, you can easily connect it to your home power grid to receive warning signals with crisp and clear sound. Simple to install and...
ELETTROCANALI Supply Power Supplies

Single pole switch 10a magic feb

The Magic Feb 10A single pole switch is a versatile and reliable switch that allows you to control the lighting or other electrical devices in your home. Thanks to its compact design and easy installation, you can easily regulate the lighting of a room or change the current flow with a simple push. It features a resistance rating of 10 amps, making it...
ELETTROCANALI Supply Power Supplies

Electric button for name plate 2090ch inox aluminum 503 - d.65

The 2090CH stainless steel aluminum 503 d.65 nameplate electric pushbutton is an elegant device designed to identify people's names and allow access in a simple and safe way. Its stainless steel and aluminum surface gives it a modern and resistant look. With a diameter of 65mm, it is compact enough to fit in any doorway. Ideal for offices, condominiums...
ELETTROCANALI Supply Power Supplies

Fake polo hole cover magic cap white 2080

The White Magic Cap False Pole Hole Cover 2080 is a unique accessory that adds a touch of elegance to your environment. With its modern minimalist design, this fake knockout cover is ideal for covering and hiding unsightly hole openings in your walls or furniture. Its bright white color blends easily with any décor style, ensuring a clean and uncluttered...
ELETTROCANALI Supply Power Supplies

Unipolar bell button 10a 2021/f Feb

The unipolar bell button 10A 2021/F Feb is a practical and reliable bell for your home. Featuring an elegant and compact design, this single pole doorbell push is perfect for adding a touch of style to the entrance of your home. With its 10A capacity, it guarantees enough power to activate the doorbell without problems. Not only is it easy to install, but...
ELETTROCANALI Supply Power Supplies

Electric socket magic unel schuko 16a t german ecl2550 electrocanali

The Magic UNEL Schuko 16A T German ECL2550 Elettrocanali electrical socket is an innovative solution that combines elegant design and advanced functionality. This socket offers a reliable and secure connection for German-style electrical devices, with the ability to handle currents up to 16A. Thanks to its compact size and Magic technology, the socket...
ELETTROCANALI Supply Power Supplies

Cover for black cap living classic

The Living Classic black plug hole cover is an elegant accessory for your bathroom or kitchen. With its simple and refined design, this hole cover adapts perfectly to any type of environment. Made of high-quality and resistant material, the Living Classic black plug hole cover adds a touch of style and functionality to your bathroom fixtures. Simple to...
The UNEL Schuko German Safety Living Classic V electrical socket is a reliable and efficient device for connecting electronic devices. With a classic design and rated at 16A, this outlet offers a solid connection to ensure proper power supply. It is equipped with advanced safety features to protect against overloads and short circuits, providing peace of...
ELETTROCANALI Supply Power Supplies

Unipolar electric switch 10a living classic 2000tl

The Living Classic 2000TL single-pole 10A electrical switch is an essential device for controlling the power supply in your home or office. With its elegant and classic design, it integrates perfectly into any environment. It is a single-pole switch, which means it can only break or reset the flow of current on one circuit. With a 10A capacity, it can...
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