Telephone adapters

Telephone adapters
Telephone adapters

Telephone plug 6p 4c.a crimpare 03072836

The 6p 4c telephone plug is a connector used to connect telephone wires. It features 6 pins and 4 conductors, and is designed to be crimped onto wires to ensure a stable and reliable connection.
Telephone adapters

Telephone plug 4p 4 contact crimp plug

The 4p 4 contact crimp telephone plug is a connector used to connect telephone wires to electronic devices. With its four contacts, it offers a reliable and stable connection for clear and interference-free communication.
Telephone adapters

Telephone pin plug screen 6p4c rj11

The 6P4C RJ11 shielded telephone plug is a connector used to connect telephones and other devices to telephone jacks. The plug has 6 contacts located in 4 positions, and is designed to ensure a reliable and shielded connection. It is compatible with most standard RJ11 telephone cables and provides a simple and stable interface for the transmission of...
Telephone adapters

Telephone adapter 1 in 2 out 8c

The 1-in 2-out telephone adapter is a versatile tool that allows you to connect and amplify your telephone communications. With just one input jack and two output jacks, you can easily connect multiple devices or share your calls with other users without losing sound quality.
Telephone adapters

Telephone adapter socket 6c 4c plug 380011012

The 6C/4C plug 38 telephone adapter allows you to connect telephone devices with different connectors, ensuring a reliable and quality connection.
Telephone adapters

2 socket telephone adapter 6p/4c 380011012

The phone adapter 2Socket in line 6P/4C 380011012 allows you to connect and use two telephone devices with a single telephone socket. Get the most out of your telephony infrastructure without having to make complex modifications or installations.
Telephone adapters

Telephone plug 8/8 a crimpare plug 382011038

This article introduces the 8/8 telephone plug crimp network plug, an essential component for ensuring reliable and stable connections in communication networks. Find out how this specialized plug offers an efficient solution for connecting telephone cables to network devices.
The ivory 4/4 4mt 492821023 extensible telephone cable is an essential accessory for connecting telephone devices. With its 4m extension, it offers great flexibility in positioning the telephone in relation to the telephone socket. The ivory color easily adapts to any environment, giving an elegant look. It is a reliable and resistant product that...
Telephone adapters

Snap-in 8p/8c 1in-2out phone adapter

The 8p/8c 1in-2out snap-in phone adapter is a compact and convenient device that allows you to expand the connection possibilities of your phone. This innovative adapter is designed to provide a simple and efficient solution for connecting two telephone devices to a single telephone jack. With its snap-in connection, the adapter plugs easily into your...
Telephone adapters

Telephone adapter 1fem 2fem 8/4c

The 1fem 2fem 8/4c phone adapter is a versatile and handy device designed to make it easy to connect your phone devices. With this adapter, you can connect up to two telephone devices to standard telephone jacks. It's an ideal option for offices, homes, or any environment where multiple phones need to be used at the same time. It is compatible with most...
The Marcucci 6P/4C 1in-2out "T" telephone adapter is an essential tool for those who want to connect multiple telephone devices to a single socket. With this adapter, you can connect up to two telephones or telephone sets to a single telephone line. It is the ideal solution for offices or households where a multiple telephone connection is...
The 94413 2-socket telephone adapter plug 8/8 internet coupler is a versatile device that allows you to connect two telephone or network devices to a single telephone or network socket. It features two 8/8 plug sockets that support both standard telephone connections and Ethernet network connections. This adapter is the ideal solution for expanding the...
The telephone adapter with 5 socket outlets L.30cm plug is a useful tool for connecting multiple telephone devices to a single telephone socket. With its five outputs, it allows you to connect landline phones, fax machines, modems or other compatible devices, allowing for greater connectivity and functionality. The 30cm length of the cable provides...
The 1plug 2plug 4 phone adapter is the perfect solution for connecting two electronic devices simultaneously to a single phone socket. Taking advantage of its innovative functionality, you can use your telephone and another device, such as a modem, fax machine or cordless phone machine, without having to sacrifice convenience or give up any functionality.
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