Electric Gas Detectors

Electric Gas Detectors
Electric Gas Detectors

High pressure regulator gpl gas burners 442021

The LPG high pressure regulator for burner gases is an essential device for guaranteeing a regular and safe flow of LPG gas to the burners. It is designed to maintain a constant and adequate pressure while using gas appliances such as stoves, gas ranges, grills and other similar devices.
Gas-lpg detector kit electrovalve 3/4 220v geca
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Electric Gas Detectors

Gas-lpg detector kit electrovalve 3/4 220v geca

Protect your home with the Geca gas-LPG solenoid valve detector kit. Maximum safety with early detection of dangerous gases and immediate action of the solenoid valve. 220V for easy installation.
The Stove Low Pressure LPG Gas Cylinder Regulator is an essential device to ensure safe and regular distribution of LPG gas to your stoves. It is designed to regulate the pressure of the gas coming from the cylinder, adapting it to the specific needs of gas stoves, thus ensuring efficient and reliable combustion.
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