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Low pressure lpg gas cylinder regulator for stoves

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The LPG high pressure regulator for burner gases is an essential device for guaranteeing a regular and safe flow of LPG gas to the burners. It is designed to maintain a constant and adequate pressure while using gas appliances such as stoves, gas ranges, grills and other similar devices.
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The LPG high pressure regulator for burner gases is a key component in the gas supply system for gas appliances. This regulator is designed for use with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and ensures that the gas flow is controlled safely and reliably. Its main purpose is to reduce the gas pressure from the LPG cylinder to a level appropriate for use with burners.

The LPG high pressure regulator is equipped with pressure regulating valves that allow you to set the desired pressure according to the specifications of the gas appliance in use. This ensures that the gas is delivered to the burners at a constant and safe pressure, avoiding sudden fluctuations or peaks which could compromise the efficiency and safety of operation.

In addition to regulating the pressure, the regulator can also be equipped with built-in safety devices, such as safety valves or emergency shut-off devices, which come into action in the event of an abnormality or excessive pressure in the system. These safety mechanisms are designed to protect the user and prevent potential risks of accidents or explosions.

Technical features:

Compatible with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
Pressure regulation for a constant and safe flow of gas
Pressure regulating valves to set the desired level
Integrated safety devices for user protection
Standard connector for easy installation
Durable, high-quality materials for a long service life
Compact and lightweight design for easy carrying and storage
Adjustable pressure range to suit the specific needs of the gas appliance
Certifications of safety and compliance with current regulations in the gas sector
Please note that the technical characteristics may vary according to the model and specific manufacturer of the LPG high pressure regulator for gas burners. It is always advisable to consult the product specifications provided by the manufacturer for detailed and accurate information.

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