Cordless Batteries

Batteries for Coordless and portable phones
Cordless Batteries

Cordless battery 550mh 3.6v gp

Short description: The 550mAh 3.6V GP cordless battery is an essential component for your device. With a capacity of 550mAh, this battery offers extended life to power your device without interruption. Its cordless nature allows you to use your device conveniently and without clutter. It's the perfect choice for those who want a stress-free experience and...
Cordless Batteries

Cordless battery t426 60aas3bmx 3.6v 600mha gp

The T426 60AAS3BMX GP cordless battery is a reliable option for powering cordless devices. With a voltage of 3.6V and a capacity of 600mAh, this battery guarantees adequate life for many applications. It's designed to deliver stable and reliable performance, ensuring your devices run smoothly. Note: Image is for illustration purposes only.
Cordless Batteries

Cordless phone battery t402 4.8v 600mah gp

The T402 GP cordless phone battery is a reliable option to ensure maximum autonomy for your cordless phone. With a power of 4.8V and a capacity of 600mAh, this battery offers long-lasting and reliable performance. Designed to fit perfectly with your T402 cordless phone, it lets you make and receive calls without interruption. The battery features advanced...
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