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The F.lli Del Piano S.a.s. It deals with the sale of wholesale and retail electrical equipment.
Since 1963 the name Del Piano in Nola, a city in the province of Naples, has been synonymous with trust, safety and professionalism which has spread over time, in terms of sales, throughout the national and international territory.
All of this was possible thanks to our e-commerce site for online electrical equipment which was born 19 years ago, and which still boasts numerous sales in different parts of the world.
The actual shop was born in 1963 in a small alley in the city of Nola, Via Tansillo, a point of sale still active today which is not a branch.
My grandmother Rosa and my grandfather Umberto dealt not only with the sale of products related to electrical equipment but also with spare parts such as lighting and small appliances. So much so that my grandmother Rosa is given the nickname "Rosetta the electrician". Still known and called this way.
Over the years my father Andrea, already at an early age had developed a strong propensity towards selling and trading. By working alongside my grandmother in the business, at just 15 years of age she began to make her name progress in an excellent way. The name of the shop was "Saccone Rosa" electrical equipment which then became "F.lli Del Piano" in the year 2000 when my father Andrea together with his two brothers, my uncle Giacomo and my uncle Michele, decided to create a company of name and in fact founded by all three brothers as sole members.
It was precisely that union that gave way to a company that until today is well integrated in the sector of wholesale and retail electrical equipment sales.
Founded the new company in 2000, my father Andrea, passionate about computer science and innovation, decided to invest in one of the first wholesale online electrical equipment sites to experiment with this new sales method, which allowed the company to introduce itself first in the national market and then to ship throughout Europe and beyond.
Currently, the competition does not scare us because our claim is "innovation and tradition". Customers who choose to buy from us are able to immediately perceive the pre and post sales professionalism but also that family atmosphere that is established and that is managed to transmit. Experience, not only in the electrical equipment sector, serves to establish and balance what today, I believe, is beginning to fail. The contact. Yes, because today 70% of sales take place online and during purchases we are so concentrated on the product that we almost forget that on the other side there is not only a computerized system that acquires data and codes, but also people who put effort and dedication into ensure that the work done is pleasing to the end customer.
I Umberto Del Piano like my father Andrea, I chewed the company as a child and despite belonging to the third generation, the values ??they transmitted to me I keep them as a precious gift. Currently I deal with Marketing and Communication.
Currently the company, having more than 20,000 articles concerning the electrical equipment sector, has organized everything into 5 main categories, namely electrical equipment, video surveillance, lighting, automation and home automation.
The result of a long study, analysis and market research.
We have made changes and the restyling of the website www.delpianoelettrico.com and even created a second site where you can find everything related to the spare parts sector such as pixie spare parts, bimby spare parts, home appliance spare parts, the new website is www.delpianoricambi.com.
Having said that, I sincerely hope that the company, even in the years to come, will continue to evolve with future generations in order to proudly carry on the surname and sacrifices of our grandparents, family members and relatives.

Our mission

Every day the F.lli Del Piano s.a.s. tries to provide the best information on all the products that are published on our Blog. To ensure a clear and precise degree of information.
We strongly believe in the Claim "innovation and tradition". All this has distinguished us for over 60 years in the sector of electrical equipment, elf spare parts and household appliance spare parts.

For any kind of information you can visit our e-commerce website www.delpianoelettrico.com or write us an email to the commercial info@fratellidelpiano.com
Our switchboard is open from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 20:00 and Saturday from 08:00 to 13:00, the number is +39.0818234151 or on whatsapp at +39.3464982052

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Fratelli Del Piano s.a.s.
Via On. Vincenzo La Rocca, 62/64
80035 NOLA (NA)
Tel: +39.0818234151

P.Iva: 03796581217 CF: 03796581217
www.delpianoelettrico.com info@delpianoelettrico.com

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