Urmet Telephone Switchboard and Accessories

Urmet Telephone Switchboard and Accessories
We chose urmet telephony because with its functions and practicality it has become a tool capable of responding to more and more needs that customers ask of us. First of all, thanks to the interfaces (GSM, VoIP) and to the Urmet integration telephone exchange modules it is possible to obtain multiple advantages. More and more convenience and versatility in communications the telephone becomes a carrier instrument not only for calls but also for a control device for intercom functions, it is able to complete a wide range of options such as door opening. Maximum practicality, especially in large homes or with gardens. Complete the particularity with hands-free through simple Sinthesi external station modules, with integrated telephone functions, with these additional modules you can take advantage of a door opener system with advanced functions (management of multiple inputs, light / camera activation, day / night, remote call), connection to PABX switchboards with intercom function where there is a very convenient function between one apartment and another. Maximum savings with the new Urmet telephone exchanges with Urmet's innovative GSM and VoIP interfaces allow alternative and cheaper telephone networks to be used, with the utmost practicality even during installation. With the new VoIP devices it is now possible to communicate via the Internet on a simple ADSL line.
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