Electric Magic Series

White Magic series bticino
Prese usa  2p polar.24v    ticino
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Electric Magic Series

Prese usa 2p polar.24v ticino

Modulo comando presa elettrica polarizzata 2poli usa 24v bticino 5020n
Electric Magic Series

Magic key uscit.5009n ticino

The Magic Button 5009N hole cover with cable outlet is an innovative component designed to provide an elegant and functional solution for hiding the holes in the electric cables. This hole cover has been specifically made to fit the 9.5 mm diameter hole and bears the signature of the renowned Bticino brand. Thanks to its intelligent design, the Magic...
Electric Magic Series

Double switch magic 5052 1-0-2 5052n ticino

The Magic 5052 1-0-2 5052N Ticino double button switch is a versatile device designed to control electrical circuits. With its double button configuration, it allows users to easily select between three different switch options: position 1, position 0 and position 2. This Ticino switch has been manufactured with high standards of quality and reliability...
The Bticino Magic 5001 Series 10A single-pole electric switch is a reliable, high-quality device designed to guarantee safe and precise control of the electricity supply. This single-pole switch features an elegant and modern design from the Bticino Magic series, which fits perfectly into any domestic or commercial environment. With a current capability...
Push button nc 1p 16a 5014 ticino
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Electric Magic Series

Push button nc 1p 16a 5014 ticino

The Bticino 1P 16A 5014 NC stop button is a reliable and safe electrical component that offers a practical solution for quickly and effectively interrupting the power supply. It is designed for use in domestic, commercial and industrial environments, offering an immediate and safe way to switch off electrical circuits.
Electric Magic Series

Light switch magic 5001l ticino

The Magic 5001L Ticino luminous switch is an innovative device that combines functionality and style in a single product. Featuring a sleek, modern design, this switch offers intuitive control of the lighting in your home or office. With a simple press, you can turn the lights on, off or dim them, creating the desired atmosphere in any room. The Magic...
Electric Magic Series

Inverter 10a magic 5012 ticino

The 10A Magic 5012 Bticino inverter is a high quality device designed to provide an effective solution for current inversion. With a capacity of 10A, it can handle moderate power loads, delivering reliable and safe performance. Thanks to the Bticino brand, known for its reliability in the electronics sector, you can be sure that you are getting a quality...
Electric Magic Series

Ringtone 220v magic 5041n ticino

The 220v Magic 5041N Ticino bell is a high quality device designed to provide reliable and clear acoustic warnings in any domestic or commercial environment. Thanks to its 220V supply voltage, it is compatible with most standard electrical systems. With its sleek, unobtrusive design, it blends seamlessly into its surroundings, delivering powerful, clear...
Electric Magic Series

Targa port name magic 5008 ticino

The 1P NO 230V 10A pushbutton with lightable name plate is an essential component of the Magic 220V A5008 Ticino series. It is designed to provide an intuitive and functional interface for controlling electrical devices. With its elegant bulb lighting, it also offers the possibility of personalizing the name plate for easy identification.
Electric Magic Series

Push button nc 1p magic 5017 ticino

The Magic - NC 1P 16A push button (stop) is an essential component for travel remote controls. With an additional NO contact, it offers stop functionality for various applications.
Electric Magic Series

Safety pressure magic 5100 10a imq ticino

The Safety Magic 10A electrical socket is an original product of the Bticino Magic series, with IMQ certification, designed to guarantee safety and efficiency in the use of electrical devices with a maximum capacity of 10 amps.
The standard Italy 2P T bypass socket with shielded contacts of the BTicino 5180 series is a versatile solution for electrical connection in residential and commercial environments. With 19 and 26mm center distances and a 10/16A capacity, this socket offers broad compatibility and reliability.
Electric Magic Series

Push button no 1p 16a 5013 ticino

The NO 1P 16A 5013 Ticino Start Button is an essential electrical component that allows you to activate or deactivate a low voltage electrical circuit. It is designed to ensure a secure and reliable connection and is suitable for a wide range of industrial and residential applications.
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