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Professional firestop acrylic sealant is a type of sealant that serves to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and heat through joints and penetrations of systems. It is a single-component product in water dispersion which forms an elastic rubber after drying.
Fischer Tassels hardware material

BI-FIX Expansion Plug D.6x35/10 screw d.4.5x40 double material

The BI FIX dowel and expansion screw is a universal fastening system that adapts to all types of building materials, such as concrete, stone, brick, plasterboard and cellular concrete. The gusset is made of two materials: a durable nylon and a flexible rubber. This combination allows the dowel to expand optimally depending on the support, ensuring a...
Stripping pliers are tools used to strip the insulation from electrical wires. They are designed to accommodate different wire sizes and usually feature adjustable or interchangeable blades to accommodate different insulation thicknesses.
Hardware Tool Hardware Tool

Electricians scissors

Electrician's scissors in stainless steel blade 40mm
Electric Material Stapler

Steel nail to stop strap d.4 x18 gebopin

A percussion nail for fastening strips is a type of nail used to fix strips, i.e. the metal or fabric strips that support pipes or cables, on concrete surfaces. The percussion nail for fastening the strap does not require pre-drilling the support, but is inserted directly with a special percussion tool, which facilitates installation and makes it safer....
Electric Material Stapler

Fabric band for hose tightening 15x0.8 10m bt1510

The fabric strap for electrical and plumbing systems is a type of polypropylene or cotton tape used to fix pipes or cables to concrete surfaces, without the need to pre-drill the support. The fabric strap is used in combination with a percussion nail, which is inserted into the strap and driven into the concrete with a special tool.
Electric Material Stapler

Universal white anti-mold acetic silicone 60ml

White anti-mold acetic silicone is a type of sealant silicone that serves to protect surfaces from water infiltration, humidity and mold. It is mainly used in humid environments such as bathrooms, shower cubicles, kitchens and bathroom fixtures, but also for windows, portholes and electrical insulation. White anti-mold acetic silicone has good adhesion to...
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