Accessories for ceiling lights: discover a wide selection of accessories for ceiling lighting
The Beta Nero Illuminazione Plexiform ceiling light cross joint is an elegant lighting accessory that adds a modern and sophisticated touch to any environment. Its cross shape and black color give it a contemporary look, while the plexiform lighting provides a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for domestic or commercial environments, this ceiling...
The Plexiform Lighting Beta Black Ceiling Light is an elegant T-joint that offers sophisticated lighting for your environment. With its contemporary design and bold black colour, it blends in perfectly with any decor style. Add a touch of class to your space with this uniquely charming ceiling light.
Brief description: The black Beta lighting ceiling light angular joint is an elegant lighting accessory that combines style and functionality. This corner joint integrates perfectly with any environment thanks to its modern and sophisticated design. The black color lends a touch of elegance and fits into a variety of décor styles. It is ideal for overhead...
The black plexiform Vega ceiling light features an angular joint that allows for unique lighting flexibility. With an elegant and modern design, this ceiling light adds a touch of style to any room. (Photo for illustration purposes)
Give a touch of modern and refined design to your rooms with the Plexiform polished chrome beta series lamellar screen. Perfect for elegantly shading light and reducing glare, this screen is made from self-extinguishing polycarbonate and easily snaps in.

Black vega flexible joint

The Vega Black flexible joint is an essential component for the flexible and safe connection of two elements. With its strength and durability, this joint ensures a reliable connection between two parts, allowing for smooth movement and stress relief. Its elegant black finish also makes it an aesthetically pleasing element. (Note: Image is for...
The Vega Plexiform polished chrome lamellar screen is an innovative design product that combines functionality and style. Its lamellar appearance gives a modern and sophisticated touch to any environment. Perfect for shading sunlight in a stylish way, this screen will add an element of contemporary charm to your home or office.

Linear joint vega white (ral9010)

The white Vega linear joint (RAL9010) is an elegant decorative element ideal for enriching environments with its minimalist and modern design. Its linear and smooth shape adapts perfectly to different types of furniture, offering a touch of style and refinement.
The Vega Nero ceiling light by Plexiform is an elegant ceiling lighting solution. With a minimalist design in black plastic, this ceiling light fits perfectly into any environment. Thanks to its compact and discreet shape, it offers a diffused and uniform light, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for illuminating both domestic and commercial spaces,...

Vega black joint plexiform

The spare T-joint for the Vega Black ceiling light by Plexiform Illuminazione is the ideal solution for maintaining and repairing your ceiling light. With this T-joint, you can easily replace the damaged piece and restore the original look of your lighting. (Photo for illustration purposes)
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