Earth Clamp Electrical Material

Earth Clamp Electrical Material
Earth Clamp Electrical Material

Lugs 2 bolts for copper electric cable 16 mmq clamp

The 2-bolt lug for 16mmq copper electrical cable is a clamp designed to ensure a secure and reliable connection between electrical cables. This lug is ideal for use in electrical applications where a robust connection is required. It is easy to install and offers a solid grip on the cables, avoiding the risk of disconnections or short circuits.
Earth Clamp Electrical Material

Lugs 2 bolts 25 mmq 02/1008

The 2-bolt lug 25 mmq 02/1008 is an essential electrical accessory for the safe and reliable connection of electrical cables. Designed for professional use, this lug is 25mm² in size and comes with two bolts to ensure a solid connection. Ideal for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems, the 2-bolt 25 mmq 02/1008 cable lug ensures a stable...
Earth Clamp Electrical Material

Mors.pettine 2 bul. 28-50 mmq 05/1153

The 2 bolts comb terminal 28-50 mmq 05/1153 is an essential accessory for the connection of electric cables with a section between 28 and 50 mmq. This comb terminal, equipped with two fixing bolts, ensures excellent conductivity and stability of the connection. It is an ideal solution for cable installation in industrial or domestic environments, offering...
Earth Clamp Electrical Material

Copper tube power cap 16mmq f.10 05/1026 clamp

The copper pipe power lug 16mmq f.10 05/1026 clamp is an electrical connector used to connect and firmly fix a copper pipe with a diameter of 16mmq. It features a clamp that allows for a secure and stable connection, ensuring efficient transmission of electrical power. It is an essential component in electrical applications and is used in various sectors,...
Earth Clamp Electrical Material

Terminal 2 bolts 10 mmq

The 2-bolt nickel plated brass crimp terminal is an essential component for securely connecting electrical wires. It can accommodate conductors with a cross section between 4 and 10 mm, offering a reliable connection. The 6mm anchor hole allows the lug to be securely attached to other structures.
Earth Clamp Electrical Material

Wire clamp 2 bolts 7-19 mmq

The 2 Bolt 7-19 mmq Comb Clamp is an essential component for the installation and connection of electrical cables in a safe and efficient way. This clamp is designed to fit wires with a cross sectional area of 7 to 19 sqmm, giving you a wide range of options for electrical wiring. Thanks to its comb design and two clamping bolts, it allows for a stable...
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