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The Marcucci 6P/4C 1in-2out "T" telephone adapter is an essential tool for those who want to connect multiple telephone devices to a single socket. With this adapter, you can connect up to two telephones or telephone sets to a single telephone line. It is the ideal solution for offices or households where a multiple telephone connection is required. The adapter is compatible with the 6P/4C configuration, ensuring a high-quality and reliable connection for your telephone communications. Its compact and resistant structure makes it easy to use and to carry anywhere. Simply add the adapter to your phone jack and connect your devices to enjoy efficient phone connectivity.
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The Marcucci "T" 6P/4C 1in-2out telephone adapter is a versatile device that simplifies the management of telephone calls in domestic or professional environments. If you're looking for a convenient way to connect multiple telephones or telephone sets to the same telephone line, this adapter is the perfect solution.

The Marcucci "T" adapter supports the 6P/4C configuration, which is a common standard for telephone connections. With this technical specification, the adapter ensures a high-quality and stable connection for all your voice communications.

Its simple "T" design allows you to connect one main telephone cable to the adapter input and connect up to two telephone devices to the side outputs. You can connect landlines, faxes, answering machines or any other telephone set compatible with the 6P/4C configuration. This allows you to use multiple devices simultaneously without having to install additional phone lines.

The Marcucci "T" 6P/4C 1in-2out telephone adapter is designed to be resistant and durable, guaranteeing a reliable connection over time. Its compact structure makes it easy to use and transport. You can simply plug it into the telephone jack and benefit from efficient telephone connectivity.

In summary, the Marcucci "T" 6P/4C 1in-2out telephone adapter represents a practical and effective solution for managing multiple telephone devices through a single telephone line. Whether you need multiple connections within an office or at home, this adapter simplifies your telephone communications, saving you time and effort.

Technical features:

Connection Type: 6P/4C
Input: 1 x 6P/4C (RJ11) connector
Outputs: 2 x 6P/4C (RJ11) connectors
"T" shaped structure for a simple and intuitive connection
Durable material for long life
Compatible with landline phones, fax machines and other telephone equipment
Easy to install and use
Compact size for easy carrying
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