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Electric socket magic unel schuko 16a t german ecl2550 electrocanali

The Magic UNEL Schuko 16A T German ECL2550 Elettrocanali electrical socket is an innovative solution that combines elegant design and advanced functionality. This socket offers a reliable and secure connection for German-style electrical devices, with the ability to handle currents up to 16A. Thanks to its compact size and Magic technology, the socket fits perfectly into any domestic or commercial environment, guaranteeing a stable and protected connection for your devices.
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The German Magic UNEL Schuko 16A T electrical socket ECL2550 by Elettrocanali is a high-level solution for the German-style power supply. This outlet is designed to provide a reliable and secure connection for both household and commercial electrical devices, offering current capacity up to 16A. The socket is compatible with the German Schuko standard (CEE 7/3) and has a 2-prong earthed configuration.

One of the distinctive features of the Magic UNEL socket is its elegant and modern design, which fits perfectly into any environment. Thanks to Magic technology, this socket offers an intuitive and practical connection: the contacts open automatically at the simple touch of a plug, guaranteeing a stable and secure connection.

The Magic UNEL Schuko 16A T German ECL2550 Elettrocanali electrical socket is made with high quality materials and complies with safety standards. It is equipped with surge protection and water infiltration, ensuring a safe and long-lasting use experience.

Technical features:

Socket type: German Schuko 16A T (CEE 7/3)
Current capacity: 16A
Configuration: 2 earth poles
Compact and modern design
Magic technology for intuitive connection
High quality materials and comply with safety standards
Protection against surges and water infiltration
Size: [specific size]
Weight: [specific weight]
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