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Gold metal panel RCA socket with black line

The panel RCA jack is an electronic connector that sits on a gold metal panel with a black stripe. It is designed to allow audio or video cables to be connected to devices such as DVD players, amplifiers or televisions, providing a stable, high-quality connection.

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The black line gold metal panel RCA socket is an essential electronic component for the transfer of audio and video signals between devices. This socket is mounted on a gold metal panel, which gives the interface a sleek and durable look. The black line on the top of the connector provides a visual reference for easy identification and alignment when connecting.

The RCA socket uses a male-to-female pin connection system, where the male pins are inserted into the corresponding female socket. This configuration allows for a reliable and stable connection, minimizing any interference or signal loss during transmission.

The RCA plug is designed to be compatible with standard audio and video cables with matching RCA plugs. It is commonly used to connect devices such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, amplifiers, televisions and other audio/video devices. With its rugged design and metal construction, the Panel Mount RCA Socket offers a secure and long-lasting connection.

This socket is suitable for installation on control panels, professional audio/video equipment or loudspeaker boxes, allowing easy access and quick connection to relevant devices. Additionally, the gold coating on the RCA jack improves conductivity and reduces signal loss, ensuring optimal transmission.

In conclusion, the black line gold metal panel RCA socket is a reliable, aesthetically pleasing and functional component, which guarantees a high quality connection for the transfer of audio and video signals.

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