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Recessed magnetic metal contact cmr10otimq ip65
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Magnetic alarm contact in anti-theft aluminum 403ap

Accessories for an anti-theft system for any type of environment
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Visible magnetic metal contact

magnetic metal contact for surface mounting with high mechanical resistance. suitable for mounting on window frames of any material:
aluminum, wood, pvc, iron, etc. the reed part contains a reed ampoule hermetically encapsulated with polyurethane resin together with a loop
of tamper to reduce the possibility of burglary. the connection is 4-wire (2 nc contact wires with near magnet and 2 tamper wires). it fixes on
window with screws.

visible assembly
high mechanical resistance
suitable for any window frames
wire connection
with wire loop
tamper-proof (tamper)
- metal alloy container material
- degree of protection ip65

contact type 200 vdc
- current max 1a max
- max power 10a
- number of wires 4
- wire length 1.2 mm
- aluminum contact color
- dimensions 32 x 15 x 10 mm


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