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Unipolar bell button 10a 2021/f Feb
Lampada ioduri metallici nw k4200 150w 221504 sicom

Electric doorbell button 10a 2021tl 4505 adaptable living classic

Bell button 10a

the key largo living classic series is perfectly suited to the living classic ticino with the support 4703 ..
- the luminaires the supports and the plates are designed to be integrated into all residential and commercial environments - moreover the total adaptability of the appliances to the living classic series has enriched the fields of use for those who demand the maximum in design ...

- adaptable to the living classic ex 4505 series

technical features
1p button in closing (no) 10a
current in 10a
1n ° contacts
voltage 250v
1 module 1p-no

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