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TV flying socket 9.5 yoyosial sat antyenna pipe 3008

The TV 9.5 coaxial satellite antenna pipe socket is a versatile and practical device for connecting and extending television signals. This flying socket is equipped with standard coaxial connectors, making it compatible with a wide range of television and satellite equipment. Its installation is quick and easy, allowing you to easily connect your TV or satellite box to different signal sources. With the TV 9.5 coaxial sat antenna pipe socket, you will be able to enjoy clear and stable image and sound quality, without having to do complicated wiring. Its compact size makes it ideal for home or travel use.
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The TV 9.5 coaxial sat antenna pipe socket is a highly functional device designed to simplify the connection and extension of television signals. Whether you're a fan of cable, satellite or terrestrial television, this flying socket allows you to enjoy a reliable, quality connection in just a few simple steps.

The installation of the TV 9.5 coaxial satellite socket antenna pipe is quick and without complications. Thanks to its standard coaxial connectors, it is compatible with a wide range of television and satellite equipment on the market. Simply connect the satellite decoder's antenna or coaxial cable to the flying socket and then connect it to your television device. No additional adapters or complex wiring is required.

This flying jack is designed to offer a high-quality, stable connection, ensuring crisp picture and clean audio. No more worrying about signal dropouts or interference that can affect your viewing experience. With the TV 9.5 coaxial sat antenna pipe socket, you will be able to enjoy your favorite programs with exceptional image quality.

The compactness and portability of the flying socket make it ideal for home and travel use. Whether you want to connect an additional TV in another room or take your satellite box with you on the go, this flying socket gives you the flexibility you need. It's lightweight and easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy your favorite programming wherever you go.

Technical features:

Connectors: 9.5 TV coaxial
Compatibility: TV, satellite box, television equipment
Quick and easy installation
High quality and stable connection
Crisp images and clean audio
Compact and portable
Ideal for home and travel use
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- 9.5mm chaos plug
- White color
- 90° angle

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