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Replacement tips for red and black pair tester 70cm

The 70cm Red and Black Torque Tester Replacement Pins are a set of test probes that are ideal for measuring voltage, current and resistance in various devices and circuits. These replacement probes offer secure and reliable connections to ensure accurate results in your measurements and are compatible with a wide range of testers.
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The Red & Black 70cm Torque Tester Replacement Leads are designed to meet the needs of electronics enthusiasts, electricians and industry professionals. This replacement lead set consists of a red and a black probe, both 70cm long, which allow for a comfortable and flexible connection between the tester and the device or circuit where you want to take measurements.

The probes feature an insulating coating which ensures safety during use, reducing the risk of short circuits or damage to appliances. The ferrules are made of high quality materials, offering exceptional durability and high accuracy in measurements.

These replacement ferrules are compatible with a wide range of testers available on the market, allowing for a quick and reliable connection. You can use them to measure voltage, current and resistance in electronic devices and circuits of various complexities.

Technical features:

Set of spare tips for red and black torque testers
Length: 70cm
Plug 0.4mm (diameter)
Color: Red and Black for easy polarity identification
Insulated coating for added safety
High quality materials for exceptional durability
Connection compatible with a wide range of testers
Ideal for measuring voltage, current and resistance
Suitable for electronics, electricians and industry professionals.

- cable length 70cm
- plug 0,4mm (diameter)

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