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Ultra-bright pocket pen battery 1 white led 2 aaa arteleta ministyle

Luminous hood for many uses, small, handy and light
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Pocket pen-shaped battery with sturdy but at the same time very light aluminum structure.
it emits the concentrated directional light beam. comes with 1 ultra-bright white led.

- metal clip for attachment.
- rubber button.
- packaged in blister
- power supply: 2 aaa ministyle elements (not included)
- 1 white led light source
- degree of protection ip20
- ik03 impact resistant
- operating temperature 0 40 ° c
- black colour

pocket pen case with clips
in lacquered aluminum with
minidiffuser ø 15 mm
concentrated light.

- 2 r03 batteries. lens bulb 2.2 v aaa
- painted aluminum casing
- nb the photo is indicative

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