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Fluorescent linear neon lamp 18w T8 G13 airam narva
Fluorescent lamp neon t5 24w 4000k lighting

18w g13 airam neon yellow fluorescent linear lamp narva

Creative lighting with a colorful atmosphere of yellow g13 attack
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Fluorescent t8 neon lamp - 18 w g13 26x590 yellow 400 lm life 8000 hours.
airam it guarantees a real reliability of duration, significant savings on costs and a quality of light that is the best in the class. airam and narva fluorescent lamps are produced
with the most modern techniques and meet the requirements
european standards.
the operating principle is as follows: in the filled tube
of gas, the mercury vapor is excited by the
electric field generated between the electrodes emitting uv.
the fluorescent powders that cover the inner wall of the
tube transform the uv emission into visible light. the shade
of different light depends on the combination of different phosphors.

technical features

- attack g13
- power 18w
- yellow color temperature
- lamp shape t8 d.26 mm
- class b
- dimensions: 598 x 26 mm
- color code 160

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