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Outdoor aluminum push button 8p 1f 725-925 / 108 urmet
6-button intercom 2f 925/206 urmet aluminum external push-button panel

4-seater 2-row 925/204 urmet aluminum intercom push-button panel

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Urmet 725/204 intercom pushbutton panel, 2 rows with 4 buttons, in aluminium.
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The Urmet 725/204 intercom push-button panel is a device that is easy to install and maintain, designed to be mounted outside residential or commercial buildings. It is made of aluminium, a resistant and durable material, and adapts to any type of facade.

The entrance panel has 4 buttons, which can be used to call 4 apartments or businesses. The call button is red and has LED lighting which facilitates its visibility even in low light conditions.

The dimensions of the push-button panel are 192 x 205 mm (front) and 177 x 194 x 43.5 mm (recessed part).

The Urmet 725/204 push-button panel is a quality, reliable and long-lasting product, which guarantees high safety and comfort for users.

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