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Engine shutter selector 2055 zippo recessed container

The Zippo 2055 built-in container motor shutter selector is the perfect accessory to control your motorized shutters with ease. Thanks to its elegant and compact design, it fits perfectly into any domestic or commercial environment. With this selector, you can manage the opening and closing of the shutters with simple movements, offering unparalleled comfort and convenience. Choose the Zippo 2055 built-in container motor shutter selector to make shutter control a smooth and pleasant experience.
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The Zippo 2055 built-in container motor shutter selector is an innovative device designed to efficiently and intuitively control motorized shutters. This selector, compatible with a wide range of shutters, offers an elegant and functional solution for opening control.

The Zippo 2055 built-in container motor damper selector has an elegant and compact design, ideal for installation inside built-in containers. This feature makes it perfect for both domestic and commercial settings, offering an unobtrusive solution that blends harmoniously with any décor.

Equipped with clear and easy to use buttons, the selector allows precise and quick control of the shutters. You can open or close the shutters with a simple touch, regulating the amount of natural light or privacy you want within your space. In addition, the Zippo 2055 Recessed Container Motor Damper Selector features an intuitive display that shows the status of the shutters and allows you to set personalized preferences.

Advanced connectivity offers the ability to integrate the Zippo 2055 Recessed Enclosure Motor Damper Selector into an existing home automation system, allowing for centralized control and smart management of your shutters. It is possible to program specific times for the automatic opening or closing of the shutters, increasing the safety and energy efficiency of the environment.

Technical features:

Compatible with motorized shutters of various sizes and types
Elegant and compact design for installation in recessed containers
Clear and intuitive buttons for easy and precise control
Information display to view the status of the dampers
Advanced connectivity for integration with home automation systems
Hourly programming for the automatic opening and closing of the shutters
Power supply: 220-240V AC
Power Consumption: 5W
Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 50mm
Weight: 200g
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