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Magic 5055/1 double arrow electric button ticino automation
Fashion plate 3-seater plaque blue soft

Electrical tiracavo black tirafilo electric tube d.4mm 20mt

Spring probe professional power cable for electric sellers 20mt electric
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Flexible d.4ø perlon probe wire
perlon d.4mm probe.
they are made of german-made perlon material with high mechanical properties built for a long time and are non-deformable.

strain spring with perlon special wire; ø 4 mm; head with non-deformable steel spring; breaking load 35 kg / mmq.
other measures are also available: 05.10 15 25 meters long.
flexible practical and easy to insert into corrugated tubes from d.20-25mm.
shiny black color.
no electrical conductivity.
with flexible fitting hooks and tie rods with interchangeable threaded holes.
length 20mt

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