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Single-phase electric transformer 600va 230-400 / 12-24v cta

Single-phase mechanical transformer 12 / 24v input 220 / 380v electric sale
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Single-phase 12-24v 600va electric transformer
the transformer is a static electric machine in alternating current which:
transfers power between two systems operating at different voltage
transforms electrical power into other electrical power by changing the voltage and current values
this is done practically without losses.

usually a transformer is used to obtain a voltage value other than that available and for this reason it can be considered a kind of "adapter" that allows you to connect an energy source to a user operating at a different voltage.
the transformer is essential in the field of electrical engineering, so much so that the electrical systems are in alternating current to allow their use, and are also used in electronics, mainly in power supplies (both linear and switching). in the production and distribution of electricity, transformers allow the most appropriate voltage and current values to be used. in fact, for greater efficiency of the systems it is better to have high voltages and low currents so as to:

reduce the cable sections (therefore less material, less weight, longer spans between the trusses) and lower the cost of the system
reduce losses
reduce voltage drops
where it is necessary to transport large quantities of power over long distances, high voltage (> 200 kv) or medium voltage (20 kv) systems will be used while the users will use low voltage systems (230-400 volt).

- insulation class f
- thermal class b
- executive class i
- max ambient temperature 35 ° c
- open execution, an cooling
- degree of protection ip 00 dry
- maximum primary and secondary voltage 1500 v
- power 600 va
- primary 400 - 230 - 0 v
- secondary 0-12-24v (12-0-12)
- weight 1.2 kg
- size: 120 x 120 x 130mm

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